What Sets Us Apart

  • We Are Local. We buy our products locally. We Only Use Wild Fish and Natural Meats with no Hormones or Antibiotics.
  • Award winning chefs that can make your table delicious and colorful,  your body fit and full of energy.
  • Our facilities & products are 100% Gluten Free. We do not Freeze our Food. We deliver it fresh, delicious and ready to eat. 
  • Absolutely no commitment, come and go as you please and when you please.
  • Food is personal, so it is always our pleasure to accommodate your food preferences.
  • Any food items you do not like, we are here to help. We will make sure they will not come out in your meals.
  • Allergies? No problem! This is what we do and your safety comes first. We take great care when preparing your meals.
  • Frequent traveler or out of town visitor? Also, no problem. You can suspend and restart your service with no strings attached.  Just a 48 hour notice will do it!

Well Balanced Real Deliciousness Delivered right to you door .Good Wholesome Ingredient, paired with authentic Recipes From the Old & new World .Kitchen Fusion is one of our Many Specialties.

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Health & Food Tips, How to fight back with food January Article:



Contains Several restorative nutrients, used since ancient times as a digestive aid and for poor liver function, research reveals that artichokes may also confer cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Its best to cook and eat whole fresh artichokes as often as possible to take advantage of the phyto-chemicals found in the leaves.

Cooking Tips:

Steam rather than boil Artichokes.